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We empower future leaders through mentorship, education and entrepreneurship

to promote healthy communities.


​​Young people develop in the environments they are surrounded by, replicating what they see and hear in their daily lives. For inner-city youth, this often means repetitive and generational cycles of poverty, depression, incarceration, and disruption due to a lack of resources and positive influences.


Urban Bridge is creating pathways to holistic health and success to activate the potential within the youth we serve. Built on a foundation of mentorship and mental health, our programs inspire creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership. With positive influences, new opportunities, and fresh ideas, the next generation can reimagine a future of hope.


Urban Bridge was founded in 2015 by Marcus Jackson, Vernon Deas, and James Jackson. These community leaders and change-makers are passionately pursuing cultural impact that infuses hope in NE Oklahoma City and beyond.


Built on a foundation of mentorship, we’re bridging the opportunity gap through four key programs: the Bridge Impact Center, Unity Park, Hope Culture Leadership, and Natruwell Mental Health Services.


Our holistic approach activates the inherent potential within youth. This results in thriving leaders, hope ambassadors, creatives, and families who serve their community with lasting generational impact.


Your partnership with Urban Bridge creates meaningful social and economic opportunities for young people and families in OKC’s Eastside.



Our model is based on four pillars that work together to bridge gaps in underserved and under-resourced communities



Special thanks to our partners and sponsors who help make the work of Urban Bridge possible. 

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