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We believe the next generation is our greatest opportunity, and we strategically focus our efforts on educating, equipping and empowering tomorrow's future through our youth. 


The Bridge Impact Center strives to create environments that positively impact youth, families, and neighborhoods in traditionally under-represented communities through mentoring, tutoring, college & career preparations, financial literacy, the arts and community partnerships.  In addition to meeting basic life needs, the Bridge offers both onsite and off-site programs structured to create formative, holistic development opportunities for youth and young adults.

Mental Health Services

Mentoring 101


Money Talks

We provide individual and group therapy sessions led by licensed therapists to help youth and families navigate the mental and emotional toll they have experienced.

We partner with local colleges, businesses, and churches to recruit and train mentors who commit to invest in our students and provide valuable advice, support, coaching, and life-on-life time.

Understanding money and how it can work for or against you is an important skill to develop. This incentive-based program educates youth on basic practical economics. 

Project Creative

Students develop their artistic abilities with professional mentors in music, graphic design, photo & video editing, dance, etc. Students can showcase work at the Bridge and in an online gallery.

J's 4 A's

This incentive program rewards students who obtain and maintain above average grades - straight A's earn a pair of Jordan's, GPAs less than 3.9 earn other rewards to promote good study habits.

Culinary Arts

In our newly renovated Teaching Kitchen, students gather and receive instruction from culinary professionals on meal preparation, healthy food choices, cooking techniques, and nutrition. 

The Tech

Resource 58:7

Athletics & Wellness

Focusing on STEM, coding, school assignments, this program is a computer study hall opportunity. Workshops teaching students fundamentals of technology and STEM are also provided.

We provide resources and support for the emergency and immediate needs of youth and families. This support includes Christmas assistance, legal assistance in partnership with Legal Aid, as well as assistance with other basic needs. 

Basic fitness training, yoga, martial arts, healthy food, nutrition, and HITT training (beginner boxing) are all provided as a part of our programming.  We plan to add additional programs, like yoga, swimming, and martial arts in the future!


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Help us build bridges of hope

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